Do you have an amateur radio license?

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Do you have an amateur radio license?

  1. Yes, indeed.

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  2. Nope.

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  3. Used to, but not any more.

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  4. Don't, but plan to real soon.

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  1. GearZ

    GearZ Member

    The title sort of says it all. How many amateur radio operators do we have out there? Thanks for voting. :)
  2. UncleJak

    UncleJak Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Nope, but I do find it interesting
  3. Paladin132

    Paladin132 Member

    Something I have always wanted to do but jut have not made the time to do it.
  4. Jeff

    Jeff TOF Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Yup. Been a "ham" since 1998. :D
  5. GearZ

    GearZ Member

    For those interested in becoming licensed, a couple of resources I can recommend are:
    • The book Now You're Talking by the ARRL. Its a good, basic introduction text.
    • The free eHam practice exams.
    Hope that helps. :)
  6. Bdtile21

    Bdtile21 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I fall in and out of love with the idea to operate. I found this site a few years ago and have poured over it, but never taken action.
    I hear the test is easier than when I was first exposed to it in the early 90's. No Morse code now, right?
  7. Tom Sams

    Tom Sams Member

    Been licensedsince 2000.Call sign:KC4TCM
  8. Jeff

    Jeff TOF Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Not sure how I missed your post, Brad.. But the knowledge test hasn't changed much. No Morse code for any license levels now though!
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  9. firelily99

    firelily99 Member

    I don't have one nor I have actually considered getting one. I'm not sure why I would need one at this point. Why would you need a license?
  10. GearZ

    GearZ Member

    Well, unlicensed communication is pretty limited in terms of modes and frequencies. You're, more or less, stuck with citizen band (CB) and family radio service (FRS). Having a ham ticket opens a lot of doors in terms of frequency privileges and modes (voice, digital, etc.).
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  11. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Member

    My son out west has a radio license, and he really enjoys it. I would love to have a ham radio, and be able to talk to him, but i don't think that I can pass the test to get the license. There is just so much technological stuff you need to know that my brain won't wrap itself around, like all the difference between watts and amps, and all that kind of thing.
    I loved it when we had CB's and used those. You didn't talk as far, but sometimes , when you hit a good skip, it would bring in people from quite a ways away.
    Getting all the right equipment and installing it is pretty expensive as well, so I am not likely to get one anytime soon, but I still think it is a wonderful idea.
    George Ure from is a big enthusiast, and I really enjoy reading his column each day.
  12. Bdtile21

    Bdtile21 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I ran CB's on my trucks as a teenager. Stopped by the local truck stop and had a guy juice up all my gear. In TN, that means it might get over the next two hills. :D Seriously, good equipment can get you a long way with CB on flat land, but still limited.
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